You may have heard IP look ups and IP addresses about a few times in your life, and if you are not someone from the fields of computer or simply someone who is not interested in techy stuff, you never really understood it. However, something happened and now you are obligated to learn What is an IP look up and so you are here. It is okay we got you covered. This article will tell you all about What is an IP look up and how you can use it.

IP Look up also known as IP addresses are a string of numbers assigned to computers, routers, servers pretty much everything that is associated with the internet. The basic function of an IP address is that it works like a normal address. Like you note down an address in you GPS to lead you to a certain destination, tracking an IP address will lead you to where the named device is in any part of the world.

Each IP address has set of number assigned to it which is basically a series of numbers with decimals in it. Every network router, whether internet or your own personal devices all of it has an IP address. IP address basically helps you in tracking devices as well as also helps in devices communication with other IP addresses.  IP4 AND IP6 are the IP addresses represented in numbers, with IP 4 looking something like and IP 6 something like a long series on alphabets and numbers. With IP4 dying out IP6 is being introduced in trillions of devices around the world.

With you hopefully now understanding what an IP address is, let us now hop onto the details of how IP addresses can be used.

If you understood everything above, you would have gotten an idea how important an IP address is and sometimes hackers can use IP address against you but it is unlikely because for that they will have to take out time to learn your IP address and then do something to your device. However, it would be no good to them and therefore it is unlikely for them do this as it will be a waste of time.If the given information below does not satisfy you then there is detailed guide about IP lookup is available on techmeozia.com


However, if someone does get to know your IP address they could potentially cause some actions against your IP address and therefore it important for you to hide your IP address. What people can do if they come through with your IP address is:

Block you from accessing websites:

There is a high possibility that your IP address can be used to ban you from accessing certain websites and this is known as “IP Ban”

This can lead to blocking you from reach specific sites, do certain online activities and post messages and comments on an online space or forum. Sometimes it can also ban you from playing some online games.

Learn your general geographic location:

IP addresses can be used to note your geographical location. While the most it can reach down to is your city or your state, there still can be specific cases where it can lead down to your neighborhood. However, even such information can be used against you by adding it with other information about you to gather data of your identity. Your IP addresses can also reveal the name of you Internet Service Provider.

Perform a Denial of Service Attack:

When a hacker finds your IP address they can use it against you to perform an act of denial of service, or DoS. This action floods your network data, overloads the network and stops normal traffic from passing through. However, if you are a single user it is least likely that you will be attacked through this action because such actions are usually directed at large companies or websites.

If this is scares you that your identity might be revealed, let us assure you that it very least likely for your information to be leaked so easily and even if you are still scared, you can always hide your IP address by just following a few steps. We hope this article helped in understanding what an IP look up is.

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