I am the choir director at the Wiener Stadttempel where I accompany Oberkantor Shmuel Barzilai for most Jewish holidays and every Shabbat. www.ikg-wien.at
December 4, 2018 Weihnachtskonzert, Oktaven des Lichts / Ensemble Wiener Collage, Patricia Nolz, René Staar, Tania Golden Premier: Nitl iz a beyzer layd (Christmas is a wicked burden) Arnold Schoenberg Center, ViennaDecember 17, 2018 Weihnachtskonzert, Oktaven des Lichts / Ensemble Wiener Collage, Patricia Nolz, René Staar, Tania Golden Premier: Nitl iz a beyzer layd (Christmas is a wicked burden) Willy Brandt Center, Jerusalem

Past Performances

November 4 KlezMORE Festival Kinderprogramm! With Esther Wraschkow!November 7 Vienna KlezMORE Orchestra Festival preview concert! November 11 KlezMORE Festival Esn!! Workshop
October 19 2018, 20:00 Unsere 20 schönsten ZahntechnikerInnenlieder PREMIER! I contributed a piece to this larger work conceived of by the Gegenstimmen Choir! My Musikverein Premier! Musikverein – Gläserner Saal 1010 Wien; Musikvereinsplatz 1 www.gegenstimmen.org
September 26th 2018, 18:00 VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA with MARGRET KREIDL Entrance free powered by WienKultur and Bundeskanzleramt:Kunst in cooperation with SeeLab where : Fabrik – 2 minutes walk from U2 station Seestadt Aspern, Wien directions
September 15, 20:00 Vienna KlezMORE Orchestra € 25 – http://www.theateramspittelberg.at
April 25, 19:00 – 20:30 Benjy SOLO Stiftungssaal Alpen-Adria-Universität, Nautilusweg 12 Klagenfurt, 9020 Österreich
March 16 VIenna KlezMORE Orchestra Fuerth Klezmer Festival Germany
November 13 Vienna KlezMORE Orchestra KlezMORE Festival, Vienna, AT
November 6 Wladigeroff Brothers KlezMORE Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia!
INTRODUCTION TO YIDDISH SONGS Tuesdays in October I will again be teaching an introduction to Yiddish songs course at the JIFE in Vienna. Tuesday evenings in October, 18:30. More info at www.vhs.at/jife
October 8, 16:00 Und wenn der Klezmer kocht…. In this delightful concert/cooking show, musicians Benjy Fox-Rosen and Deborah Gzesh will share some of their favorite flavors of the Yiddish kitchen. Delicate herring, moist chopped liver, throat burning vodka and raucous songs will all meet on the stage of Metrokino. Audience participation highly likely. Metrokino Vienna Jewish Film FestivalOctober 14, 21:30 Die Revolution Brodelt Food and Revolution with Daniel Kahn and Jelena Poprzan Metrokino Vienna Jewish Film Fesival
Summer 2017 I created the audio installations and composed an electro-acoustic sound collage for this exhibition. Always a pleasure to collaborate! “Liminal Portraits: Stories from the Margins” September 2017Curatori și Design / Curated and designed by: Razvan Anton, Julie Dawson, Claire Fouquett, Benjy Fox-Rosen Administrators: Toma Alexandra and Cotaru Pentru Roșia MontanăCasa de lângă Sinagogă Mediaș / The House by the Synagogue Mediaș, Transylvania
INTRODUCTION TO YIDDISH SONGS 20. März bis 19. Juni – In English! In this series of six evenings, musician/composer and former Fulbright researcher Benjy Fox-Rosen will introduce a wide ranging repertoire of Yiddish songs, including pieces that he learned while doing fieldwork in Romania and Moldova. The group will focus on Yiddish pronunciation, as well as covering basics of singing comfortably. Non-musicians are especially welcome! 20.3.2017 Yiddish Songs 101 We will learn a few classic songs, focusing on pronunciation. A gentle introduction, with some lullabies, and one or two schlagers.               27.3.2017 The Songs of Mordechai Gebirtig Krakow’s Mordechai Gebirtig (1877-1942) was a master folk-poet and songwriter. His songs are at times sentimental, nostalgic, bitterly satirical and beautifully heartbreaking.  3.4.2017 Who says Jews don’t drink?  Great songs to accompany a bisele bronfn, a shnepsl, some mayim khayim, or anything else one may drink. L’khayim l’sholem! 29.5.2017 Esn An evening of songs that will whet your appetite. Sing about borsht, varnitshkes, fish and homentashn! A few recipes will be shared as well.  12.06.2017 Chassidic and Anti-Chassidic songs In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the tensions between the maskilim, the secularizing Jews, and their coreligionists ran high. A great repertoire of songs making fun of each other arose. We will look at a few of these very comical pieces, as well as one beautiful Chassidic gem written by the Kaliver Rebbe. 19.6.2017 Oy, Mayne Libe Besarabiye Yiddish Songs from Moldova This session will focus on some of the unique songs from Moldova, the region historically known as Bessarabia. These songs are a fascinating hybrid of Russian, Romanian and Yiddish songs styles. We will focus on the songs of Zelik Barditshever.Kursort: Jüdisches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung Gebühr: € 12,- pro Termin Anmeldung: 01/89174153000, per E-Mail an [email protected] oder online über einem der untenstehenden Links. YIDDISH MUSIC ON FILM!!! Film-und Vortragsreihe / 4.4.-20.6.17 / In English Join musician/composer Benjy Fox-Rosen for a series of film screenings highlighting the unique music of Yiddish cinema. The series will focus on lesser known songs that were never schlagers, but were unique musical moments captured on film-  the unaccompanied singing of a mourning mother, the wailing of a cantor after he realizes the grave sin he has committed. The dramatic framework of the film allows us access to emotional, and most certainly aesthetic qualities, which cannot be found on popular commercial recordings.  Each film screening will begin with a brief lecture discussing the composer, actors as well the historical and cultural contexts of the film.  Series of six films. All films are in Yiddish with English supertitles. Lecture in English. Mamele (Poland, 1938)     Directed by Joseph Green & Konrad Tom Set and filmed in Lodz, Molly Picon stars in this delightful comedy featuring gangsters, mameles and beautiful songs, including “Abi Gezunt.” Score composed by Abe Ellstein. 17.26.7101.00.03  Benjy Fox-Rosen          € 6,00 4. Apr / Di 18:30–20:30 Uhr     The Dybbuk/Der Dibuk (Poland, 1937) Directed by Michal Waszynski “Boundaries separating the natural from the supernatural dissolve as ill-fated pledges, unfulfilled passions, and untimely deaths ensnare two families in a tragic labyrinth of spiritual possession in this classic Yiddish feature film based on the celebrated play by S. Ansky.” -Jewishfilm.org- Score composed by Henekh Kohn.  17.26.7101.00.04   Benjy Fox-Rosen          € 6,00 25. Apr / Di 18:30–21:00 Uhr       The Cantor’s Son/Dem Khazns Zundl (USA, 1937) Directed by Ilya Motyleff (Sidney Goldin, uncredited) The screen debut of Cantor Moyshe Oysher. The cantor’s son runs away to America, only to make his way back to his ‘true’ calling on the pulpit. Score composed by Alexander Olshanetsky.  17.26.7101.00.05   Benjy Fox-Rosen          € 6,00 23. Mai / Di 18:30–20:30 Uhr       Tevye (USA, 1939) Directed by Maurice Schwartz Based on Sholom Aleichem’s classic stories, this dramatic masterpiece has little singing in it. The score, however, is a masterful work, mixing modern and traditional elements with the ease that only Sholom Secunda (Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn) can. Score by Sholom Secunda.  17.26.7101.00.06   Benjy Fox-Rosen          € 6,00 13. Jun / Di 18:30–20:30 Uhr     Yiddle With His Fiddle/Yidl Mitn Fidl (Poland, 1936) Directed by Joseph Green & Jan Nowina-Przybylski A cross-dressing Molly Picon stars as a poor klezmer musicians, traveling through Poland with her father. Fabulous drinking songs, as well as a few heart-jerking ballads. Score composed by Abe Ellstein. 17.26.7101.00.07   Benjy Fox-Rosen          € 6,00 20. Jun / Di 18:30–20:30 Uhr      
November 18, 2016 19:00 Lecture and Performance Jewish Film Festival Vienna, at METROKINO I will be showing my favorite musical clips from Yiddish films with some introductions followed by a concert of music from Yiddish cinema with Efim Chorny, Suzanna Gerghus, Patrick Farrell and Michael Winograd www.jfw.atNovember 19, 2016 ESTHER BEJARANO & MICROPHONE MAFIA (DE/IL/DE) YIDDISH ART TRIO (USA) Abschlussgala 1: Doppelkonzert Haus der Begegnung Rudolfsheim November 20, 2016 VIENNA KLEZMORE ORCHESTRA & BENJY FOX-ROSEN (CH/PL/BG/RU/CH/USA/AT) Abschlussgala 2: Konzert Metropol
September 24, 2016 10:30pm Vienna, Austria I will be singing in the choir for Cantor Shmuel Barzilai for Selichos.October, 2016 I am very excited to spend the high holidays this year singing with one of the great cantorial voices in Europe, Oberkantor Shmuel Barzilai. I will be in the choir at the Wiener Stadttempel for the holidays.
Transylvanian Solo Tour September 4-9, 2016September 4, Mediaș All day: Music Box; Songs from the Synagogue Archives A project by Răzvan Anton and Benjy Fox-Rosen, audio-video installation inspired by the Archive of the Jewish Community of Mediaș Solo concert at 18:00 I will be presenting some of the Transylvanian Lullabies material as well as other regional and not so regional repertoire. September 7, Brașov Concert for the Museum of Jewish Heritage Tour of Romania September 9 Transylvanian Book Festival I will be presenting a solo program of regional Jewish music.
YIDDISH ART TRIO North America Summer Tour August 13-18, 2016 August 13, 14 Festival des traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke http://www.ftms.ca/en/programme/yiddish-art-trio-en/ August 15, 7pm Woodstock Jewish Congregation 1682 Glasco Turnpike Woodstock, NY 12498 http://www.wjcshul.org/ August 16, 7:30pm, $18 Presented by Kulturfest NYC in Cooperation with the Museum of Jewish Heritage http://kulturfestnyc.org/?event=yiddish-art-trio August 17 Super Secret Surprise Show! August 18 Baltimore, MD More info soon!
Jake Shulman-Ment, Benjy Fox-Rosen Transylvanian Tour July 19-24, 20167:30 pm, Tuesday 19 July, 15 RON Posticum, Strada Teiului 26 Oradea / Nagyvárad / Grosswardein / גרויסווארדיין www.posticum.ro 7 pm, Wednesday 20 July, 15 RON La Papion, Strada 1 Decembrie 1918, 1 Turda / Torda / Thorenburg /טאָרדא 7:30 pm, Thursday 21 July Synagogue, Strada Tache Ionescu, 13 Sighisoara / Segesvár / Schäßburg / שאססבורג 7:30 pm, Saturday 23 July Casa Organistului Hosman / Holcmány / Holzmengen 7:00 pm Sunday 24 July, Tranzit House Str.Bariţiu/Malom u. 16 szám Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár / Klausenburg / קלויזנבורג www.tranzithouse.ro Tour supported by Asylum Arts, Posticum, Fundacia Ariel, Fundaţia Tranzit Alapítvány
Conference: Jewish Cultural Heritage. Projects, Methods, Inspirations, at the Polin Museum, Warsaw Poland June 8-10, 2016  I will be participating in the conference and teaching a workshop at the Project Village. The workshop is about the music found in the Medias Synagogue Archives, in Medias, Romania. Workshop open to the public, June 10. More details in the next weeks.
Michael Winograd Klezmer Trio @ Fuerth Klezmer Fest March 12-13 http://www.klezmer-festival.de
Uncanny Materials. Foundational Moments of Art Education A curatorial exhibition, research and education project Opening | 10.03.2016, 19.00 h Exhibition | 11.03.2016 – 16.05.2016 Location | Academy of Fine Art Vienna, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Wien, xhibit Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 10-6 pm, free admission Special opening days: 28.03.2016 (Easter Monday), 01.+05.05.2016 and 16.05.2016 (Whit Monday) / 10-6 pm Symposium | 20. + 21.04.2016Curators: Elke Krasny and Barbara Mahlknecht Exhibition Graphics: Alexander Ach Schuh With contributions by: Tal Adler/Friedemann Derschmidt/Elisabeth Samsonow/Karin Schneider/Anna Szöke/Niko Wahl, Anna Artaker, Eva Blimlinger, Ramesch Daha, Zsuzsi Flohr/Benjy Fox-Rosen/Eduard Freudmann/Eva Reinold/Luisa Ziaja, Lena Rosa Händle, Minna L. Henriksson, Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski, Gila Kolb, Martin Krenn, Ina Markova/Rosemarie Burgstaller/Sophie Bitter-Smirnov, Verena Pawlowsky, Sabine Plakolm, Birgit Peter, Dirk Rupnow, Hansel Sato, Sekretariat für Geister, Archivpolitiken und Lücken (Nina Höchtl und Julia Wieger), Anna Schürch, Bernadette Settele, Nora Sternfeld, Suely Rolnik, Wer hat Angst vor dem Museum? (Imayna Caceres/Pêdra Costa/Verena Melgarejo Weinandt) On July 9, 1941, a decree stipulating the foundation of a “master school for art education and the training of secondary school art teachers” went out from the Reichsministerium für Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Volksbildung (Reich Ministry for Science, Education, and People’s Education) in Berlin to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The beginning of the institutionalization of a program for art teachers at the Academy, which is still largely unappraised seventy-five years later, has now been made the subject of a curatorial exhibition, research and education project. Based on research by the historians Ina Markova, Rosemarie Burgstaller, and Sophie Bitter-Smirnov, the project’s curators, Elke Krasny and Barbara Mahlknecht, have conceived of an open archive for the exhibition. This installation allows for an understanding how National Socialism informed art education: materials from the Academy’s University Archive – personnel sheets, lists of students, curricula, exam regulations, minutes of professorial staff meetings, budgets, lists of master school awards and materials to be provided – document the institutional routine. Activists and artists, many of whom have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna or are teaching there now, were invited to present works or develop performances related to the subject. The artists’ positions articulate activist interventions into the memory of institutions, relate to the standardization and disciplining of bodies through education, and reveal how women’s politics were implicated in National Socialism. Some of the works reflect present-day changes in the realm of “multidirectional memory” (Michael Rothberg) and the meaning of “migrants’ situated knowledge” (Ayse Güleç) in regard to politics of history. On April 20 and 21, 2016, an international symposium with lectures, talks, and workshops will explore issues of institutional memory, National Socialist educational policy, the connections between politics of remembrance and artistic practices and question hegemonic histories in the field of art education.
Yiddish Art Trio, West Coast Tour January 2016 January 21, 2015 House Concert $15-20 7:30pm Palo Alto, California RSVP to: [email protected] 22, 2015 House Concert @ Karen and Delilah’s Double Bill w/ Veretski Pass, $20 8pm San Francisco, CA RSVP to: [email protected] January 23, 2015 House Concert $15-20 7:30pm Santa Barbara, CA RSVP to: [email protected] January 24, 2015 Skirball Cultural Center $20 Los Angeles, CA 7pm http://www.skirball.org/programs/music/yiddish-art-trio
WienWoche Cabaret Evening October 3, 2015 I am co-curating an evening for the Wienwoche Festival with Dieter Behr and Lisa Bolyos. More soon! This event will be FREE!! http://www.wienwoche.org/de/wienwoche/
August 29, 2015 Singer Festival, Warsaw, Poland I will be the featured singer with the Vienna KlezMORE Orchestra. Pickles, wodka, and I don’t even need to carry around a bass.
August 2015 I am currently living in Tîrgu Mureș, Transylvania, beginning the first stages of my Lullabies project. More soon…
July 18, 2015 YIDDISH ART TRIO at the Yiddish Book Center, part of the great summer festival that has a questionable name.
June 28-July 4th, 2015 Krakow Jewish Music Festival I will be performing with Cantor Yanky Lemmer, Frank London, Michael Winograd, Sanne Morricke and Richie Barshay. I will also be playing for dancing every day for the brilliant Steve Weintraub, a man that you ought to dance with. http://www.jewishfestival.pl/
June 13, 2015, 15:00 Wiener Festwochen, Into the City, Hotel Metropole. Der Erinnerung eine Zukunft geben Commission from the Wiener Festwochen, composed for the Gegenstimmen Choir.”Was sie unterließ, haben wir getan.” [“What they neglected, we did.”] Panel discussion on the struggles for memorialization and a commemoration ceremony for a never erected obelisk at Morzinplatz at 15:00 Monument at Morzinplatz, 1010 Vienna A project by Zsuzsi Flohr (artist), Benjy Fox-Rosen (musician), Eduard Freudmann (artist), Eva Reinold (actress) in cooperation with schnittpunkt. ausstellungstheorie & praxis // Luisa Ziaja (curator) and Gegenstimmen // Stefan Foidl (choir director). Panel discussion with Ruth Beckermann (filmmaker), Winfried Garscha (historian), Marty Huber (activist), Harald Walser (politician)and Florian Wenninger (historian), conceived and moderated by Luisa Ziaja. “From the beginning of the commemoration ceremony, a group of former concentration camp inmates worked in the rubble unnoticed, obscured by a line of men and women. By 19:00, a truck arrived, which was immediately surrounded by comrades; under the professional grip of our KZlers, using the two beams — the stone was set in its place. By 19:20 the truck drove off, the line dissolved and the monument was unveiled.” (From: Der Neue Mahnruf, magazine of the KZ-Verband). As early as 1949 the KZ-Verband called for the creation of a monument dedicated to the victims of the Nazis at Morzinplatz. After two years of willful ignorance on the part of the city, it was decided to take action “without government authorization” and to erect a memorial stone on the sixth anniversary of the liberation of Vienna. The stone became a central place for anti-fascist remembrance. In 1968, the stone was relocated because of the construction of the Leopold Figl-Hof, and then in 1985 the stone was replaced by the monument that stands today. At that moment the yellow star, representing Jewish victims, was added to the stone’s original red triangle, representing political victims, thereby enlarging the scope of the memorial. Since the 1990’s there has been a struggle to commemorate homosexual and transgender victims as well — so far with limited success. The panel will discuss the struggle for memorialization on Morzinplatz. Self-organized interventions, and the official culture of commemoration are the markers of larger historico-political fault lines: which monuments were built on site, which were not? How does their visibility interact with discourse and public debate, on the one hand, and ritual and commemoration, on the other? Why does the city of Vienna have such a strained relationship to anti-fascist commemoration and the critical handling problematic monuments? Why must the city so often be forced into dealing with these issues? During the event, a commemoration ceremony will be held for a never erected obelisk. Appropriately festive dress is required. ************************************************************** Podiumsdiskussion zum umkämpften Erinnern und Gedenkfeier für einen nie errichteten Obelisken am Morzinplatz um 15:00 Denkmal am Morzinplatz, 1010 Wien, Eintritt frei Ein Projekt von Zsuzsi Flohr (Künstlerin), Benjy Fox-Rosen (Musiker), Eduard Freudmann (Künstler), Eva Reinold (Schauspielerin) in Kooperation mit schnittpunkt. ausstellungstheorie & praxis // Luisa Ziaja (Kuratorin) und Gegenstimmen // Stefan Foidl (Chorleiter) Podiumsdiskussion mit Ruth Beckermann (Regisseurin), Winfried Garscha (Historiker), Marty Huber (Aktivistin), Harald Walser (Politiker) und Florian Wenninger (Zeithistoriker), konzipiert und moderiert von Luisa Ziaja. “Von Beginn der [Befreiungs-]Kundgebung aber hinter einer Kette vonOrdnern, vollkommen unbemerkt, arbeitete sich eine Gruppe von ehemaligen KZlern in das Trümmerfeld hinein. Um 19 Uhr fuhr ein Lastauto vor, das sofort von Kameradinnen und Kameraden umringt wurde. Fachmännische Griffe unserer KZler, zwei Bretter – und der Stein war auf dem vorgesehenen Platz. Um 19 Uhr 20 fuhr das Lastauto weg, die Ordner zogen sich zurück und die Enthüllung des Denkmals wurde vorgenommen.” (aus: Der Neue Mahnruf, Zeitschrift des KZ-Verbands) Bereits 1949 hatte der KZ-Verband ein Denkmal für die Nazi-Opfer am Morzinplatz gefordert. Nachdem zwei Jahre lang nichts geschehen war, beschloss man “ohne Bewilligung der ‘Obrigkeit'” zur Tat zu schreiten und errichtete am sechsten Jahrestag der Befreiung Wiens einen Gedenkstein. Der Stein entwickelte sich zu einem zentralen Ort antifaschistischen Erinnerns. 1968 wurde er, anlässlich des Baus des Leopold Figl-Hofs, versetzt und 1985 schließlich durch das bis heute bestehende Denkmal ersetzt. Dabei erfolgte eine Erweiterung des Gedenkens: der rote Winkel, das Symbol für die politischen Opfer, wurde um einen gelben Stern, für die als Jüd_innen Verfolgten, ergänzt. Seit den 1990er-Jahren wird darum gekämpft, vor Ort auch den homosexuellen und transgender Opfern der Nazis zu gedenken — bislang mit begrenztem Erfolg. Eine Podiumsdiskussion widmet sich dem umkämpften Erinnern am Morzinplatz zwischen selbstorganisierten Interventionen und offizieller Gedenkkultur, an denen sich so manche geschichtspolitische Bruchlinien ablesen lassen: Welche Denkmäler wurden vor Ort errichtet, welche nicht? Wie verhält sich deren Sichtbarkeit und Unsichtbarkeit zu Debatten und Diskursen einerseits, zu Ritualen und Zeremonien andererseits? Weshalb muss antifaschistisches Gedenken und der kritische Umgang mit problematischen Denkmälern der Stadt Wien, damals wie heute, so oft in mühseligen, jahrelangen Kämpfen abgerungen werden? Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wird eine Gedenkfeier für einen nie errichteten Obelisken abgehalten. Um zahlreiches Erscheinen in angemessen festlicher Kleidung wird gebeten.
May 3-6, 3015 I will be participating in the Asylum Jewish Artists Retreat, in Garrison, New York http://asylum-arts.org/
April 26, 2015 Concert in Chisinau, Moldova with Fima Chorny and Suzanna Ghergus. Looking forward to returning to lovely Moldova, especially since it will be Springtime! I will stock up on pickles, wine and shiny shoes.
March 29, 2015 Concert in Vienna with Fima Chorny and Suzanna Ghergus The amazing Moldovan Yiddish Duo returns to Vienna, I am pleased to join them on a few pieces.
February 13-15, 2015 Klezmer workshops and concerts with Jake Shulman Ment! http://www.nahalatshalom.org/klezmer-music-dance/klezmerquerque-2015.html Albuquerque, New Mexico Good food, nice folks! Looking forward to this one.
Yiddish Art Trio CD Release Tour USA East Coast CD Release Tour 12/13/14 Vilna Shul Boston, MA 12/14/14 Providence, RI 12/21/14 Eldridge Street Synagogue  7pm NYC Yiddish Art Trio West Coast CD Release Tour Saturday January 3, 8pm San Francisco Double bill house concert with Veretski Pass. This is not to be missed! Private address. For more info please email [email protected] Sunday January 4, 11am San Francisco Klezmer Brunch at the Contemporary Jewish Museum with the WISE SONS DELI!! This is some of the best new Yiddish music with the best new Yiddish food. http://www.thecjm.org/ http://wisesonsdeli.com/ Sunday January 4, Santa Cruz House Concert. 7pm. 220 Spring Street Santa Cruz, CA $20 at the door rsvp:[email protected] No advance ticket sales Tuesday January 6, Santa Barbara, with the Cory Beers Romanian Music Ensemble!! Soho Restaurant & Music Club 1221 State St # 205 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 http://www.sohosb.com/ Wednesday January 7, 8 PM Concert at the Mountain View, CA home of Daniel Steinberg Reservations required. Donation: $20 Info/reservations: email *preferred* <[email protected]> or phone:(650) 947-9669 Friday January 9, THE COFFEE GALLERY BACKSTAGE 2029 N. Lake Altadena, Ca. 91001 Backstage Reservations/Information: (626) 798-6236.. between 10 A. M. and 10 P.M. http://www.coffeegallery.com/ January 10, Los Angeles, The Pico Union Project 1153 Valencia St. LA, CA 90015 818-760-1077 http://www.picounionproject.org/
Klezmer Sessions at Tachles This Monday, the 24th is the last one. Featuring Avi Fox-Rosen!!  See you there! A huge pleasure to be the co-host of the Monday night jam sessions at Tachles here in Vienna. Co-hosting with the brilliant Esther Wratschko. This is a low pressure, big fun environment. Come on out! Every monday in November. karmeliterplatz 11020, wien01 / 212 03 58 http://www.cafe-tachles.at/
Vienna KlezMORE Festival Porgy and Bess, Vienna, Austria Concert on November 8th with Fabian Pollack and Maciej Golebiowski. New band, new music.
Cantor Yanky Lemmer, Frank London, Michael Winograd, Sanne Moricke and Guy Shalom Warsaw Jewish Museum opening!! October 26, 2014
DIE MÜHLE FEIERT!      Hoffest am 13.9. ab 16 Uhr in 7302 Nikitsch, Berggasse/Travnik 26 mit Kinderunterhaltung, Essen, Trinken und Tanzmusik von: Stimmgewitter Augustin (www.stimmgewitter.org) Roy de Roy (www.royderoy.com) Benjy Fox-Rosen (www.benjyfoxrosen.com) und local Artists! Bringt Kinder, Freund_innen, tanzfeste Schuhe + wenn Ihr übernachten wollt, Schlafsäcke, Isomatten und eventuell ein Zelt reservierbare Zimmer gibt’s auch in den umliegenden Dörfern mit dem Zug nach Deutschkreutz oder mit dem Auto von Wien über Sopron, von Graz über Oberpullendorf nach Nikitsch.
Singer Festival, Warsaw, Poland with Yanky Lemmer I have the pleasure of accompanying famed Cantor, Yanky Lemmer, with Frank London, Christian Dawid, Sanne Moricke, and Guy Shalom. August 2014.
Klezmer Session Wien Open air at the Augarten. With Fabian Pollack. Details soon.
Recording Yiddish Art Trio May 19-24 we will be making a new recording. This will be a good one!
14. Internationales Klezmer Festival Fürth Performing with an all star band: Alan Bern, Anat Fort, Deborah Strauss and under the stern baton of Michael Winograd. This is a great festival, with a very good breakfast buffet.  Additionally, I will be teaching the weekend afterwards at the festival.
Yiddish Art Trio West Coast Tour January, 2014Wednesday January 29th 7pm @ Congregation Ohr Tzafon. 2605 Traffic Way, Atascadero, CA. $15Thursday January 30th 7:30pm @ Red Poppy Art House, 2698 Folsom St San Francisco, CA W/ Veretski Pass $15-20 www.redpoppyarthouse.org Friday January 31st 7pm @ The Pilgrim Church, 2850 Foothill Blvd, Redding, CA $10-15 Sunday February 2nd @ House Concert, 220 Spring St  Santa Cruz 95060, $20 at the door rsvp: [email protected] No advance ticket sales. Week of Feb 3rd, workshops in Los Angeles. Saturday February 8th @ Wilshire Blvd Temple, Presented by Yiddishkayt LA. More info at http://www.yiddishkayt.org     The trio will be back on the West Coast! Watch out!! CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SCHEDULE
Two Worlds/Tsvey Veltn: CD Release Concert January 15, 2014 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2014 | 7pm  CONCERT & ARTIST TALKBACK Admission: General – $15 | YIVO members, seniors and students – $10 Box Office: smarttix.com | 212.868.4444Free to YIVO-Bard Winter Program registrants This program is part of the YIVO-Bard Winter Program on Ashkenazi Civilization, January 6-23, 2014. This program is presented by YIVO, the American Society for Jewish Music and the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. Benjy Fox-Rosen and his ensemble perform the long-awaitedTwo Worlds/Tsvey Veltn, a stunning new song cycle based on the poetry of master Yiddish poet, Mordechai Gebirtig. Combining traditional and new music, Yiddish folk, theatre and cabaret music, Fox-Rosen interprets Gebirtig’s poetry and searing depictions of Poland before and during World War Two with striking insight and brilliance. This young composer’s new work should not be missed. Following the concert there will be an artist talkback with Benjy Fox-Rosen, Pete Rushefsky, Director of the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, Josh Waletzky, pioneering Yiddish musician and composer, and Amanda Scherbenske, scholar of new Jewish music. Two Worlds/Tsvey Veltn, released by Golden Horn records, will be available for sale at the event. Click to listen to a sound clip. The Two Worlds Ensemble Benjy Fox-Rosen: Voice, Double Bass Patrick Farrell: Accordion, Piano Avi Fox-Rosen: Guitar, Banjo Jason Nazary: Drumset Michael Winograd: Clarinet, Piano
KlezFest Concert and Dance December 29, 2013 1:30PM Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center (Yiddish Art Trio, Posy Korolenko, Strauss/Warschauer Duo and more…) 3301 Bainbridge Avenue Bronx, NY
Teaching at Klezkamp 29 December 22-27 2013 I will be teaching bass and voice at this wonderful festival. Bring your friends! http://www.livingtraditions.org
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Washington DC Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Cantor Yaakov Lemmer and the N.Y. Klezmer Allstars Master Klezmer musicians trumpeter Frank London, clarinetist Michael Winograd, and vocalist Yanky Lemmer offer a concert celebrating Hanukkah.
Pakistani Project Intensive September, 2013 Michael Winograd is planning this one. Should be very good.
Festival of New Yiddish Song Monday, September 9th, 7:00PM A special concert celebrating the work of leading musicians and composers who are at the vanguard of developing a new canon of Yiddish song. Working through a transnational artistic network, these individuals are creating new music that is both rooted in tradition yet endowed with a contemporary expressive vision.This program features the U.S. debut of the extraordinary Berlin-based singer Sveta Kundish, who has been taking the European Yiddish world by storm, and new compositions by artists such as the Yiddish Art Trio (Patrick Farrell, Benjy Fox-Rosen and Michael Winograd) as well as renowned Yiddish songwriter/singer Josh Waletzky. Special guest: violinist Deborah Strauss. http://www.ctmd.org/
KlezKanada August 19-25, 2013 I will be teaching some of the repertoire that I have been learning in Moldova. Hai la hora din Moldova! http://klezkanada.com/
Jewish Culture Days, Berlin August 15, 2013, Berlin, Germany A concert curated by Dr. Alan Bern. This should be a good one! With Michael Winograd, Patrick Farrell, Dr. Alan Bern, Sveta Kundish, Sasha Lurje, Mark Kovnatsky, Jascha Nemtsov.
Yiddish Summer Weimar July 29-August 11, 2013, Weimar, Germany I will be teaching as part of the advanced instrumental workshops. http://www.yiddishsummer.eu/
Austria Tour with Dieter Behr June 26-29, 2013 Looking forward to being in Austria for a few days to reunite with some old friends.
ZELIK June, 2013, Chisinau, Moldova I am planning on recording the complete songbook of Zelik Berditchever with some serious Moldovan musicians.  Co-producing with Petru Baranciuc. This is the beginning of a new project, ZELIK.
Benjy Fox-Rosen Trio Tours Moldova!! April 8-12 2013 Patrick Farrell, Michael Winograd and I will be presenting concerts throughout the Republic of Moldova. We will play in Edineț, Soroca, Bâlți, and Chișinau, at concert halls, schools and ophanages. This tour is a project of the US Embassy in Moldova.April 8 Casa de Cultura Edineț April 9 Casa de Cultura Soroca April 10 Casa de Cultura Bâlți