Two Worlds/Tsvay Veltn is an arresting new songcycle composed from the poetry of Mordechai Gebirtig (1877-1942). Gebirtig’s poems paint a rich portrait of Jewish life in Krakow, telling stories of neglected children, gravediggers, vengeance seekers and peace makers. The music is both traditional and radically new, including influences from improvised and new music, as well as Yiddish folk, theater and cabaret styles.

The song-cycle was premiered at the Furth Klezmer Festival in 2012, under the title “A Hot Tear/ A Hayse Trer.” It has also been performed at the YIVO Institute in New York City and at Klezkanada.
The CD was released in January 2014 on Golden Horn Records.

The Two Worlds Ensemble:
Benjy Fox-Rosen: voice, double bass
Avi Fox-Rosen: guitar, banjo
Michael Winograd: clarinet, piano
Patrick Farrell: accordion, piano
Tyshawn Sorey: drumset

Listen here.

Full Translations of the poems are available to download. Translated by Benjy Fox-Rosen with Julie Dawson and Joshua Waletzky