Produced and arranged by Benjy Fox-Rosen
Recorded January 2010 by Peter Karl @ Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn and February 2010 by Jason Lafarge @ Seizures Palace, Brooklyn
‘Dray Tekhterlekh’ recorded July 2009 by Don Godwin
Mixed by Don Godwin
Mastered by G&J Audio
Designed by

Benjy Fox-Rosen- vocals, upright bass
Avi Fox-Rosen- guitars, tenor banjo, background vocals
Michael Winograd- clarinet
Noah Kaplan- tenor saxophone
Carmen Staaf- accordion, piano, farfisa organ
Kenny Wollesen- drumset
Richie Barshay- vibra slap
Sxip Shirey- glass bowls, marbles, toys
Rima Fand- violin, viola, background vocals
Sarah Alden- violin, background vocals
Dan Blacksberg- trombone
Julie Dawson- french horn
Deborah Strauss- violin on ‘Dray Tekhterlekh’
Myk Freedman- lap steel guitar